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Last changes on 05/20/2017
Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited storage Technical assistance every day
PHP-FastCGI 7 [GD activated] Unlimited number of websites Detailed statistics (AWStats)
Link your Domain Names FTP & FTPES access Cron tasks
Unlimited subdomains Unlimited databases Access to DB backups 2 € / month
MySQL (MariaDB) CMS Compatibility Access to files backups 2 € / month
mail() function WebFTP [HTTP & HTTPS access] Semi-dedicated - VIP tickets - 150 Go 10 € / month
Access to phpinfo() Webmail
: Available
: Working on it
: Coming soon
.htaccess POP/IMAP access
PostgreSQL Unlimited number of email addresses

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RaidGHost is a free mutualized web hoster without advertising. Servers are located in France, in Paris. Because the web is becoming more and more complex, we strongly encourage teamwork ! That's why it is possible to be several managers on the same website. It is also possible to manage several websites yourself thanks to our very flexible system. Moreover, many databases per website or one database for many websites is allowed. Feel free to discover all the possibilities we offer in a very secure way.

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